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My flat was repossessed 5 years ago. I know it was sold for #10000 less than the going rate for flats at that time. I heard nothing from them until last week. A letter from a solicitors arrived at my parents house, where I had stayed for a short while afterwards. My mother past it on to me not realising what it was, it said they were operating on behalf of Nationwide and would I phone them to clarify a few points. I ignored this. Yesterday another letter arrived, this time my mother wrote 'no longer at this address' (which is true) and sent it back unopened. Is it wise to follow this path or should I respond, also is it likely that they will start harrassing my parents further i.e by phone. Any advice or thoughts gratefully recieved. Thanks.

Gary Long.

-- Gary Long (gazman65@hotmail.com), March 28, 2000

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