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i have a page with frames on the left and on the right side. the only way i found to get the images in each of the frames to align properly is to postion one of the tables to the right (using the align right option). but in this particular table i've put layers or divs there...when i preview it in my browser the layers appear way off the mark. can you please help me? there a way to postion the layers on top of the table? (it looks fine in dreamweaver)

-- cecilia bautista (, March 24, 2000


Hi Cecilia,

Layers inside of tables are going to present some problems due to the differant nature of how the align things (absolutely for layers; flexibly for tables). I've also experience mixed results with the ALIGN attribute to TABLE's.

Could you point me to a URL where I might see the page in question?

-- Joe Tennis (, March 24, 2000.

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