What things drive you crazy when you're behind the wheel?

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What's your biggest pet peeve about driving? Do you like driving or prefer to let someone else handle it?

-- Anonymous, March 22, 2000


Have to agree with the cell phones. I can't stand them out here in California! What makes me mad is when the light is green for me, people are still driving through the red light. not just one or two. I'm talking four and five cars... RED LIGHT. Unbelievable. I don't like driving anymore... unless I'm driving where ther aren't alot of people... say out to my grandmother's house!

-- Anonymous, March 23, 2000

What bothers me most are my boobs. I once got these implants for my birthday. So anyway. A week later I had them done and at first they were pretty handy. For example. If I fell down I would bounce right back up !! Anyway. The real problems started when I took my driving lessons. Every time I had to make a hard left I couldn't do it ! That boob was always in the way. Strange thing is : it didn't happen with the right one which made me think about it. You see. Every time I fall over now I bounce back up with a corner of 25 degrees to the right !! I went to my doctor, who is by the way very hot, and he took a look at them. It was only after the examination that I realized that he took advantage of me. I mean I had NO idea that sucking nipples is NOT part of an examination !! I don't know what to do !! Help me ! But where was I ? Oh yeah, what bothers me most while driving ? Well, to be honest: I just HATE it when people try to cross the road when I !! AM coming. GEEZ Last week I ran over this 13 year old kid. Of course I was right ! He shouldn't have been there in the FIRST place !! You know. Now that I think of it. Driving really sucks. I'm gonna quit driving ! Screw it !!

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2000

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