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Will you be posting details of your tour dates any time soon? Will you place them on your web pages?

-- anna lloyd (, March 15, 2000


Hi, yes the tour dates will be posted soon. We have been waiting for a couple of gigs to confirm first.The gigs go right around this little island but do not include Scotland this time around. Hope to see you there, be happy. Nigel M.J.

-- nigel mazlyn jones (, April 06, 2000.

TOUR DATES POSTED NOW. Sorry for the delay, all my fault.

They are: _________

THURS 4th THE BOWLING GREEN, EXETER, 8.30 pm free adm, 01392-422527

FRID 5th DARTMOUTH FESTIVAL, BAYARDS COVE CASTLE, in the Guldhall if wet, 8.30 pm free adm 01803-832239

SUND 7th THE ALMA THEATRE, BRISTOL, 8.00 pm #6.50 0117-973-5171

MON 8th COLCHESTER ARTS CENTRE, ESSEX, 8pm #6/5 01206-500900

THURS 11th FILLY AND FIRKIN, NOTTINGHAM, 8pm #5/4 0115-947-2739

FRID 12th HEBDEN BRIDGE TRADES CLUB,YORKS,#5/3.50 01422-845265 SUND 14th NEWTOWN MID WALES FEST, with other acts 01686-628016 MOND 15th THE FLOWER POT, DERBY, 8pm #5/4 01332- 834438

FRID 19th GLASTONBURY ASSEMBLY ROOMS, 8pm #6/5 01458-834677


SUND 21st CAVERN CLUB, EXETER, CHILL OUT NITE, #4/3, 01392-258070

-- David Mantripp (, April 28, 2000.

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