Emerging Competency

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Dear all! I am currently working on the identification of the competencies which are required of team members in this rapidly changing digital environment. I suppose that, while the traditional competencies such as managerial basic comeptencies are required as core or transitional ones regardless of the changing envirornment for employees to work as team members, there must be some emerging abilities with which the people who work for the company should eqipped with. In terms if the basic or fundamental requiements of the abilities, we have already identified and used them for HR activities for the last several years, whilst updating them by incorporating the needs of employees and business. Yet, the current environmental changes whereby digital economy has brought asks of us to bring up some up-to-date competencies which can be fitted into this sort of changing economical environment. Are there any solutions to identify such comptencies or, some useful information sources to which I can refer to for my work? Thanks..... Manseog Ryu

-- Manseog Ryu (tcmsryu@ocmp.sk.co.kr), March 14, 2000

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