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Last year on April 30, 1999, a gas out was staged across Canada and the U.S. to bring the price of gas down, and it worked. It's time to do something about it again. This time trucking companies and private businesses have decided to make it for three days instead of just one. The oil cartel decided to slow down production to drive up gas prices. FOR WHAT? Most experts predicts prices will continue to increase within the next six months to around $1.80 (I've heard higher) per gallon. WHY?

LET'S HAVE A GAS OUT! Do not buy gasoline from APRIL 7, 2000, THROUGH APRIL 9, 2000. Buy what you need before the dates listed above, or after, but try not to buy any during the GAS OUT. If you want to help, just send this to everyone you know and ask them to do the same. We brought the prices down once before, and we can do it again! Come on North America, let's stand together. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!

-- cin (, March 08, 2000

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