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What are the offical dimensions of a Little League field? Is the angle of 1st - Home - 3rd a 90 degree angle? What is the distance from homeplate to pitchers mount? What is the distance from homeplate to second base? Distance between bases? etc.

Your prompt reply will be greatly appreciated!!!

Rudy Braun

-- Rudy Braun (, March 04, 2000


This question should be refered to Little League.

There are several field sizes, 45 foot distance from home to first, 60 foot distance from home to first, and 90 foot distance from home to first.

-- Andy Hughes (, March 08, 2000.

The bases are at 90 degree angles. It is 60 feet from the tip of home plate to the front edge of first base. The same for third. The distance from first to the edge of second facing first is 60 ft. The distance from third to the near edge to second is 60 ft. The back edges of first and third will intersect over the middle of second base.That is a straight line. The distance to second is 84'10''. It is actually a bit closer to 84.85281374238 but most people can't tell the difference. The mound is 46 ft from the plate. The distance to the pitching plate and second base is measured by using the back point of home plate and not the front.

-- C.K. Rice (, November 07, 2000.

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