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I have a problem regarding Terminal Server which you, or some of your partners may be able to shed some light on ----- There is a custom application installed on Terminal Server that uses ODBC to connect to a SQL 6.5 box. When trying to setup the ODBC SQL Server driver I get the following error message(s): THE SETUP ROUTINE FOR THE SQL SERVER ODBC DRIVER COULD NOT BE LOADED DUE TO SYSTEM ERROR CODE 126. COULD NOT LOAD THE SETUP OR TRANSLATOR LIBRARY. Ive searched for some indication of what the heck this means in English but have not had any luck. Any ideas? Office 97 is installed on the server and functions correctly. ODBC is installed on the clients that would use the application, but executing the app on the client still pulls the ODBC setting from the server (i.e., source of the application)

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2000



The SQL Server Books Online (7.0) article titled, "Diagnosing ODBC Connection Errors" offers this clarification:

A connection attempt fails and a call to SQLError () returns: szSqlState = "S1000", *pfNativeError = 126,

szErrorMsg="[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Unable to load communication module. Driver has not been correctly installed."

The SQL Server driver could not load the SQL Server client Net- Library. Verify that the ODBC data source specifies a valid Net- Library name. Verify that a valid version of the Net-Library .dll is in the clients path. This may also occur if the .dlls and files making up the underlying network protocol stack, such as Novells SPX/IPX, or a TCP/IP protocol stack, are not installed properly. Verify the components with the network administrator, or reinstall the client network components.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, March 03, 2000

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