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it appears that nobody likes the setup we now have at td, especially the compensation stuff. anyway, we're going to have a meeting tomorrow, though still unconfirmed, i haven't spoken to van again about it yet.

what i need to ask is for you to start telling me what you really want and feel about our setup. this may just be the forum since everyone becomes mum when we're talking face-to-face. i'm also about to make a few demands from van so i hope i'll get your messages tonight or tomorrow before new talks commence. whatever you've got to say, i'll open it up on our future talks. i'll be waiting...

-- Anonymous, February 23, 2000


ok, i'll try to tell this to the other guys. maybe they can have the chance to speak up better.

also, i'll try to think of something to say too.


-- Anonymous, February 24, 2000

van and i spoke lengthily this evening and came up with a new, more feasible, and i truly believe, more workable plan.

basically, we (van and i) will be spending the next two weeks or so, full sessions to come up with a corporate structure, better compensation schemes, essentially, the whole marketing, corporate and visionary gamut of our company.

in the meantime however, you guys are not compelled to go to the office in the coming weeks till we are through with the "master plan". it's ok though for you to continue going there to finish or do some projects on the side, continue studying, or to simply surf (anyway its free). we need to finish some jobs though, specifically, the b3w site's finishing touches.

likewise, as van and i are going through the plans, i'll truly appreciate it if you guys can contribute to the plan by sending your thoughts, ideas, and what-have-you here. i'm now regularly checking this borad for updates from you. if you have anything to say, feel free to write it here. otherwise, i'll be spending the coming days, like i earlier said, here at home where we'll be doing the planning sessions. eventually, we need to get all our heads together to check and evaluate if what me and van came up is good.

so, dito na muna. mag-email/mb naman kayo sa akin, parang awa niyo na. i'll be here.

-- Anonymous, February 25, 2000

pre, hindi pa ako makapag-isip ng idea pero nag-iisip rin ako ng way para mapatakbo natin to.

i-ni-email mo na ba yung previous message kay noli or andy. gusto kong sabihin sa kanila ito pero unfortunately, hindi ko alam yung email nila at nasa pque ako. sinabi ko na to kay mike para sabihin sa kanila. hopefully, mag-re-respond sila by monday or tue

keep in touch

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2000

partners in crime, kumusta na n don't worry nandito lang kami at naghahanap ng pera, sam, i n kulot talked about the setup n we figure it out first among the original guys but it then wala parin korum, hindi pa kami nagpapangita coz of schedule and for something palaman about the issue, as for me, i attention this to Giovan, on the first place u must focus yourself in the market u are our comanding general, planning stage must come up before we get in, kailagan ikaw mismo ang maghandle sa amin, hindi kami at dapat pinag-isipan mo muna and your other partners kung pano kami gaganahan, as for me Giovan im happy and excited na nagkakasama kaming barkada in one roof, masarap magtrabaho kapag may harmony biba, kahit ako lang ang maliit na nalalaman sa world of graphics but im trying so hard na in one moment talo ko na si vanman n mikey n all of u guys....dont worry nandito lang kami, me n bro support TDCOM all the way ok, Law, tama yun pag- usapan ninyo muna pano ok yun lang...

-- Anonymous, March 06, 2000

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