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Just had a quick look at new proposed residency structure. Do not see any senior in new neuro And it appears that only PGY-2s & PGY-3s are posted for call; it would be difficult for 12 residents to cover 3 calls every night. 1095/12. That would be 110 calls for juniors and 72 for seniors. I think that the idea of have PGY-4 overall in charge at each campus is a sound idea, question is can we realistrically get there with the current distribution of resident slots.


-- Anonymous, February 19, 2000


The proposed structure is something that would be arrived at in 2-3 years at which time, hopefully, the distribution of residents would be an even 6+6+6. Till that time there would have have to be a 'bridge' structure in place.

One proposal for the call structure with 3 in-house residents every night would be q4 calls for PGY2s and PGY3s - if there are 12 of them, it would just work. The ideal situation would be to somehow get the number of in-house residents to 2/night. Maybe, this is something that could be negotiated when the in-patient service moves to West Rox. The PGY4s would have 'back-up from home' calls for 2 months/resident.

I would rather have only 1 resident in new neuro, so that there is time for other rotations. I would also like two continuity clinics - an adult one every 2 weeks (all 3 years) and a pediatric one every 2 weeks for the PGY3s and PGY4s. If the continuity clinics occur at HAC or DOB it would improve the current situation.

The heart of the matter in the proposed structure change is this: PGY4s should be given 1) more real clinical responsibilty so that they are called upon to handle multiple problems at a time 2) should see more patients per day (since that is the time when things are coming together in terms of understanding neurology), not necesarily do a 1-hr history and physical on each, but have the case worked up by a junior and be responsible for providing the differential and management 3) and should be rid of the 'scut' so that they have the time to organize, hear about patients, read and teach.

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2000

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