Eversheds collection of mortgage shortfall debts

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I am looking for information from people who have been pursued by Eversheds solicitors, acting on behalf of Abbey National, when collecting mortgage shortfall debts. I am particularly interested in how Eversheds handled negoatiations related to lump sum full and final settlement arangements.

I am due o be meeting with Abbey/Eversheds in March to discuss these problems and would welcome any information from readers of the home-repo pages.

Nick Pearson Federation of Independent Advice Centres.

-- N.Pearson (nick.pearson@fiac.org.uk), February 18, 2000


Eversheds contacted us in 97 claiming a shortfall on our repo home of #27.000(It wes repossesed in 91)This ammount escalated to #42.000 in 1 YEAR!Eversheds then passed over to HMC whose solicitors took us to court 3 times, they won an order for #27.000, they lost the righr to the interest added after sale of the property in 92.They changed solicitors once again to Davis and Co who are now taking us back to court for #31.000 and an explanation of our fianancial circumstances.Each solicitor has had written confirmation of our incomings and outgoings twice.It seems to me they like spending their clients investors money by chasing somebody who quite obviously has nothing.I would be grateful if you could offer us any advise as we are at a loss with all this.

-- Colin and Jacky Jones (jones.colin2@talk21.com), May 23, 2000.

Please contact me. I have an interesting story to tell about Eversheds, Abbey National and the Data Protection Act.

-- Eleanor Scott (eleanor.scott@btinternet.com), June 06, 2001.

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