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I recently bought a Digitrax Empire Builder DCC system for a new N scale layout. I'm getting ready to wire two reverse loops. The solutions I am aware of are (1) buy a separate booster (expensive) (2) buy an auto reverse controller like the MRC or Loy's Toys unit. I noticed Allan Gartner refers to the Loy's Toys unit briefly, so I'm guessing that is the way to go.

My main concern is smooth, reliable operation, followed by ease of install. I would prefer not to throw switches to run the reverse loop. Can anyone recommend as a solution?

Thanks for your help!! Greg Smith

-- Greg Smith (, February 10, 2000


Tony's Train Exchange has a new Power Shield III device that provides short circuit protection and auto reversing. You connect it between your booster and the reverse loop. Also, Digitrax had the PM4 which provides 4 devices in one unit that give circuit detection and auto reversing. It is installed the same way as the PS III.

Dale Gloer

-- Dale Gloer (, February 10, 2000.

The auto-reverse unit must detect a temporary short circuit when the loco crosses the reversing section rail gaps and quickly reverse track polarity before the power station (booster) shuts down on an over current trip. So part of the problem is to match the instantaneous trip current levels and time delays to make that happen. If you mix equipment brands there could be an incompatibility problem. I use an auto-reversing unit from Lenz (LK100?). It has an adjustment for the reversing trip set point.

-- Don Vollrath (, February 14, 2000.

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