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The Rank and File Carpenters Organizing School has always included History, Economics, and Organizing in the program. We have done history many different ways. One year participants brought something from or about their Locals. Last school, Stephen Adler and Gene Lawhorn both prepared evening talks, Steve about PJ McGuire's legacy and Gene about Labor Martyrs.

It is important to me that the history section of the school provide hope and a blueprint for future actions. I beleive that telling the stories of the founding of the union, the times of most rapid growth and the struggles when we became exclusive provides a map for today.

Closely connected to the history section of the school is bringing some culture into the program. We have had folk singers, labor films, a wall display of Washington Carpenter History...

The school will continue to evolve. This web based discussion is one place we can discuss that evolution.

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2000


On Saturday, 12 Feb 2000 we will unveil the carpenterspnwrc web site and begin discussion via the WWW.

-- Anonymous, February 09, 2000

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