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For the first time, my 45 day old 466MHz etower was unable to access web sites on MSN. I notified MSN member services by email about the problem, immediately went back to access this forum and connected with no trouble.

Is this a matter of coincidence concerning a rare event, or is this happening to others? Just curious, and....

-- I.M. Benedict (, February 06, 2000


SAME Problems..connecting using an old AOL account. What gives?

-- gomer (, February 06, 2000.

Yesterday I got a "server busy" message at AltaVista....AltaVista for god's sake! They've got monster servers. "Whaddya' MEAN your servers are busy?" Thankfully the problem didn't last long but I thought it was really odd. I've never had a search engine crap out on me before.

-- LunaC (, February 06, 2000.

Having trouble with MSN all night tonight, so you're not alone.

-- elskon (, February 06, 2000.

Gee, And I thought it was my putor!

-- Tommy Rogers (Been there@Just a, February 06, 2000.

Hi, No problem accessing MSN or alta vista...using aol...pentium II with windows and patches...good luck to you all! I have experienced many weirdnesses surfing the web of late, seems like more than before rollover. Maybe it's your ISP and not your computers....

-- Carl Jenkins (, February 06, 2000.

Had trouble getting into MS website today.

-- Porky (Porky@in.cellblockD), February 06, 2000.

Check: NorthAmerica

For the packet loss rate at your server, it can lead to unstable connections

-- Helium (, February 06, 2000.

Helium: Thanks for the info. But, I got tired of waiting for the data to load. I saw on a thread concerning gold that there has been an unusually amount of global internet traffic. Maybe that explains these minor inconveniences. In light of all of the major problems in the world, I guess my complaints about a little technological nick is kinda foolish. Thanks everybody.

-- I.M. Benedict (, February 06, 2000.

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