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Hi there, I just bought the Mutoh Falcon 4100 LF plotter with the ONYX postershop lite. When printing CMYK photos via postershop with selected the default icc profile I get very pale colors (for red I get pink). When printing via photoshop or photopaint I get the exact colors but of coarse I cant wait to get a large image even with my PIII-600 with 256MB Ram. Maybe the answer is simple but I'm an amature so .... Thanks in advance

-- Benedict Roussos (, February 02, 2000


Try using no Input Profile for CMYK images (that automaticly turns off the Output profile as well). Color is most likely more saturated. On the whole there is no easy answer to the question it all depends...

For pure photo output I recommend that you keep your pictures in RGB. If you are using the Photoshop 5.xx, make a monitor profile using the Adobe Gamma program. Select a sRGB in Photoshop's RGB Setup. Check the Display Using Monitor Compensation. Save your files as TIFF. Open them in PosterShop Lite (the default ICC RGB Input in PosterShop Lite is sRGB). If the material profiles are good for the media you are using you should get decent color;-)

How do you separate the pictures from RGB to CMYK? What are your color/printing settings in Photoshop or Photopaint? What is the printer driver in that case?

-- Jani Schulze (, March 09, 2000.

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