Los Angeles: Fire Alarm System Still Delaying Staples Center Permit

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Interesting that this story makes no mention of computers that are obvious used in such a complex alarm systemguess "devices" is the new term for computers.

Excerpt from story:


Fire Alarm System Still Delaying Staples Permit

Safety: Three months after opening, center has inspectors at every event to manually operate complex network. Marshal is pushing for completion of work. By TINA DAUNT, Times Staff Writer

More than three months after opening its doors to the public, the new Staples Center is still operating on a temporary occupancy permit because the building's complex fire alarm system, with thousands of devices, is not working.

To keep the fire marshal from closing their building, Staples executives have been paying city fire inspectors to watch for signs of danger and, should it be necessary, manually activate the alarm system during events at the downtown facility.

There have been no problems so far, but Fire Marshal Jimmy H. Hill said Monday that he wants Staples officials to step up the work required to make sure the fire alarm system functions on its own. Until about a week ago, Hill said, Staples was allowing the process to "drag on."




-- Carl Jenkins (Somewherepress@aol.com), February 01, 2000


"Devices"? Good catch.

-- Hokie (Hokie_@hotmail.com), February 01, 2000.

This is not y2k, sorry.

Most likely "lowest bidder syndrome".

I sell this hardware, nothing available on the alarm market now or in the last year would cause this. It is something I see every day, a low bidder gets the job and can not install and make it work.

I just ripped a system out of a facility that was installed 3 years ago and NEVER worked. Mine worked, but I was not low bidder.

Same old story....you get what you pay for.

-- tryntohelp (dointhat@right.now), February 01, 2000.

Hey tryintohelp, has it occurred to you that the low bidder may have used a system that was not Y2K compliant? Perhaps the supplier installed a non-compliant system. I'm familiar with what contractors do too.

-- mello1 (mello1@ix.netcom.com), February 02, 2000.


Could you direct me to where I might buy a non Y2K compliant fire alarm system? I don't see how since this was addressed a long time ago by the manufacturers of these systems. Your assertion that the low bidder may have used a non compliant system just does not make any sense given the liability involved in life safety systems. I'll change my opinion if you can show me just one fire alarm system sold in the last year that is not compliant.

Chances are the fire alarm contractor is not very liable for the problem or the general contractor would have thrown him off the job a long time ago. At least that's what would happen to me if I held a job up for 3 months.

-- Jim (jimed@iglobal.net), February 02, 2000.

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