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Does anyone know how to keep the print heads on the ColorSpanXII inkjet printer printing without leaving lines in the finished output? Or just printing good 'prime bars'. Using EnduraChrome inks in 2x6 mode.

-- Andy Jaeckel (, February 01, 2000


I assume you are running the Autoset calibration and cleaning the cartridges a few times a week. Also, try using 6-pass or 8-pass modes. If you are still getting poor results, try using a different media. Glossier media tends to confuse the electronic eye, resulting in misregistration. Try turning off any lights directly over the printer, or turning off the room lights.

-- JoJo Baul (, February 07, 2000.

Remember:Clean,clean,clean,AutoSet and don't forget the service station.

-- Stefan Vann (, February 15, 2000.

Keep always in mind that the mediafeed calibration is very importand for a good output. If the mediasteps are to big you will have an opening (white lines)between the steps. Resetting the vacuum ones a week is also not a bad idea.

-- Dirk Mees (, March 23, 2000.

Make sure your service station is very clean and that you allow for drying time (which can be set on the machine's front panel). The machine by nature will place more ink on the paper to achieve a higher apparent resolution.

to create a 4 color process black,

i.e. "regular 4 color inkjets" will use: 100% Cyan 100% Magenta 100% Yellow 100% Black = 400% ink on paper "wider gamut inkjets" will use: same formula as "regular inkjets" (400%) + 100% extra color + so on

albeit, this is a simplistic view without GCR and ink limiting, etc. But I believe it illustrates the concept.

Bottom line, make sure your ink and paper combination is profiled correctly (with ink limiting profile done first and correctly).

Second scenario, (the easier one), make sure your ink bags are at the correct altitude level, pressure within the cartridge is correct (to achieve this, see Colorspans web site), no leaks in your ink tubing/lines, no air bubbles in the ink lines.

Information on Colorspans site can be hard to find, but what do they care since all their profit is in the consumables.

-- John Mendoza (, March 27, 2000.

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