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Im using EZCD, VideoPack, Nero... at this time i lost 6 CDR ... :) Well... Enyone can play home VCD in the Pioneer 606D?

Help me please!

Thanks in advance.

Glaucio Rocha

-- Glaucio Rocha (, January 27, 2000


The pioneer 606d WAS NOT MADE to read cdrs. I found this out after i bought it (but i dont regret it, its still a damn good machine). HOWEVER i have found at least two cdr types it was able to pickup. MEMOREX BLUE BOTTOMS. They are getting harder to get but if you buy the memorex cdrs that say AUDIO on the package you will probably end up with the blue bottom which it can read. otherwise youll get the greenish colored ones it spits out. It also seems to be able to pick up cdrw discs as well. i was only able to try it with the one cdrw i have (and that came with my burner), but from what i have seen and read it can reads the cdrw's. Good luck and have fun NOTE sometimes even with the blue disc, if you put it in, it will read it as a regular cd. if this happens, open the disc tray and close it again and then once its closed keep pushing stop on the machine until it picks it up as the vcd. Sometimes it can get very tedious to let you know ahead of time

-- Doug (, January 27, 2000.

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