I am a final year degree student in the process of my dissertation. I am preparing a discussion into the credibility of team building activities involved with corporate training. I want to look at the skills acquired on team building events and how relavant these skills are to the working environment. Any help on this subject would be much appreciated.

Thanks Tristan wetherelt -

-- Tristan Wetherelt (, January 26, 2000


i am giving you a brief out line of my proposed study on team building

title - a study in the use of teambuilding as an od intervention technique in modern organisations.

objectives of the study-

a. to identify the various types of teams existing in modern orgns. b. to analyse the various stages of teambuilding in the sampled orgns c. to identify the characteristics and limitations which affect optimum team performance d. to analyse the effect of leadership on team effectiveness in the sampled orgns e. to analyse the reasons for the failure of teams and derive the solution for a successful team f. to study the role played by external consultant in team development g. to discuss various means of team compensation and performance appraisal of team members in current practise h. to study theresistance to team formation and ways to overcome these i. to identify the ways to create productive team culture ni the sampled orgns j. to analyse the structure of teams and thier weaknesses in the sampled orgns

in view of the above objectives the hypothesis will be tested-

a. a demanding performance challenge tends to creat a team b. the disciplined application of team basics is often overlooked c. team performance opportunity exists in all parts of the orgn d. teams at the top are the most difficult e. most orgns intrinsically prefer individual over team accountabilityhigh performance teams are extremely rare f. hierarchy and teams go together almost as well as teams and performance


a. sample size ten pvt sector industries and ten govt/public sector units

technique for selecting sample size- stratified random sampling with an effort to include manpower industries

data collection- primary source andsecondary source from empolyees at all levels of theorgn

method questionnaire method, structured personal interview and by non participant observation

technique of analysis- likert's five point scale, mean and sd score and ccrrelation, stepwise multiple regression,t-test, f-test,will be used to test hypothesis

you may also please comment on the above format and also help me in-

a. designing a questionnaire b. help me in improving the methodology c. finding web sites which can help me in the research d. provide me with previous studies e. provide me with articles which may help me.

-- suryakantsharma (, February 17, 2000.


-- anna (, February 04, 2001.

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