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I am using Nokin F60, thinking to Buy a telephoto lens, range is about 80-200mm or 300mm. My question is must i buy the Nikon brand lens in order to get the best result ?? If not, what other brands is trust worthy?? I had checked through Cathay Photo shop, they offered me Tokina EMZ AF 100-300mm lens. Any comments ???? Pls advise.

I had bought few rolls of Kodak Royal Gold 100 from US during my trip. Can this type of film be developed in local Kodak Lab??



-- Ray (, January 19, 2000


It is always better to get the same brand for the lens as your camera body, such that the lens and 'talk' to the body better and having better quality. But 3rd party lens may be equally good too.
Personally, I would rather go for Tamron rather than Tokina.

Yes, you can process the C41 Royal Gold 100 in Singapore.

-- Wee Keng Hor (, January 19, 2000.

Thank you for your advice.

I have a friend. He always away for his business to Europe and US. If he agree to buy me some films, which lab or photography shop is selling the 'cheaper' films?? in Europe or US ?? He just bought me 6 rolls each of Kodak Royal Gold 100 and 400. All cos me about sgd180.00 . Gave me a big shock!!....Appreciate will anyone can input



-- Ray (, January 20, 2000.

Generaly I would agree with the other gentleman but Tokina has released a remarlable lens the 80-200mm ATX PRO lens wich features apo, aspherical and super low dispersion lenses, and this lens is almost as good if not as good as Nikons top lens in the same range, but at about 900 GBP cheaper so I would say if you can afford 1400 GBP as apposed to 500 GBP go for it otherwise get the tokina.

-- John (, January 13, 2001.

I have used the Tokin ATX 100-300 f4 with very good results. The lens is not only ruggedly built but is easy to use if a little bit on the heavy side because of the metal constructin and the added metal attachments for dirct Tripod mount.

I am not able to go out to the field to use the lens much now, and if there is somebody who can use the lens well, it will be my pleasure to sell the lens to that person at a nice price. This is only for the serious user as I am sentimentally attached to the lens and would like the next owner be someone who can love it and use it succesfully as I have. Dr. Nicolas Vincent Rao. PS. I will throw in 77mm filter and a rugged Mamiya rubber hood which is rugged and protects the lens better than the plastic hood that comes with it. The lens comes complete with leather case and additional carrying strap.

-- Dr. Nicolas Vincent Rao (, November 19, 2002.

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