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Sources of information

A big reason to switch to Java is the amazing volume of information on every aspect of application development, such as language syntax, application design, multi-tier design, applets, and servlets. This information is found on sites such as Sun's, sites of independent developers, and via UseNet discussions.

Java 2 Exam Prep

You should continue to read and review the book and do hands-on projects. When you feel confident, do the two practice exams.

This page describes the certification program. There are three levels of certification: Certified Programmer, Certified Developer and Certified Architect. Some of these levels are used in conjunction with the certification programs of product manufacturers. For example, a development tool manufacturer may have a certification level that requires one of the Sun certifications as a pre-requisite.

This site has topic-oriented training to allow you to focus on the kind of training of interested to you.

This site has links to "The Java Tutorial," "The Java Tutorial Continued," and "The JFC Swing Tutorial". These are on-online books (which are also sold as printed books).

This is the JDK documentation. The JDK documentation is also included with JBuilder.

This is one of many independent sites that has useful information on JBuilder.

This is a UseNet group for Java programming. There are other* groups discussing other topics, such as development tools.

The book Java in a Nutshell, by David Flanagan

Java in a Nutshell, an O'Reilly book, is a well-written introduction to Java.

-- Anonymous, January 19, 2000

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