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I am trying to find an alternative film/s to 12.00 Clock High to use during a leadership programme for the public sector. 12.00 Clock High great film though it is has been getting a thumbs down because of it's setting (war and virtualy all male cast) plus it's rather dated perspective on leadership. I would prefer to use a current general release movie rather than a "training vid" with a TV actors. Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks in advance Stuart Gray

-- Stuart Gray (stuart.gray@northampton.ac.uk), January 13, 2000


Stuart...My company distributes training materials. I would be happy to send you some free previews. I'd like to get more information about your project. My toll free number is 877-288-6657 x202. The name of my company is Trainer's Toolchest.

I look forward to making some suggestions.

-- Debbie Danuser (debbie@trainerstoolchest.com), August 29, 2001.

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