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British Airways (BAY.L) says glitch not Y2K bug 07:20 p.m Jan 09, 2000 Eastern

Sunday a computer failure which left a Boeing 777 stranded at London's Heathrow airport was unrelated to the millennium bug.

``Any suggestion that it was due to a millennium bug is complete nonsense,'' said a BA spokeswoman.

British newspaper reports that the plane, en route to Dubai from London, was grounded on Saturday after the cockpit computer crashed were ``overstated,'' she said.

``All British Airways computers and software are Y2K compliant, and have been so for some time,'' the spokeswoman told Reuters.

More than 120 passengers waited for five hours while engineers worked on the plane but then boarded another aircraft for the flight.

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-- Homer Beanfang (, January 12, 2000


Well what on earth was it then? They say that claims of "computer crash" were overstated, but then what DID happen? That's weird.

-- pramada (, January 12, 2000.

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