Encad 500 makes knocking sound

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Has anyone experienced a carriage knocking sound after printing a very long single print (like 35') on an Encad Pro Series or 500?

It's a very odd sound which knocks once on left pass then once on return pass, then twice on next pass. Eventually the carriage jumped about 3/8" to one side which ofset the image and destroyed the print The second print, I just let it go and it eventually made a strange ratcheting sound then quit knocking and the print was fine.

-- Chris Mensing (cmensing@e-g.com), January 10, 2000


I haven't seen or heard the problem you described, but I advice you to check the firmware version of the 500. (Utility Menu -> Service -> About on the printer front panel).

Upgrade to the latest firmware. The firmware along with the instructions can be get from Encad's website or from your dealer. There WAS an error with the long prints with earlier firmware releases.

-- Jani Schuvze (jani.schulze@cadcenter.fi), January 19, 2000.

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