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I am a part-time travel writer and have been using a tiny Ricoh GR-1 for my travel photos - it works great but has no zoom... Can anyone recommend a point and shoot with 28-70 zoom, fast shutter (and one that reacts quickly when you press the button) and 3-11 f-stop range (am I dreaming?)... and costs less than US$500. I often travel alone and prefer to have minimal camera equipment that does not attract attention from thieves, and a camera that fits easily in my travel purse. Thank you for your help. Martine

-- Martine White (, January 07, 2000


Hi Martine, you might want to check out the Olympus Stylus Epic (aka mju II)range. Zoom 80 Wide Angle (28 -80mm ; 4.5-8.4 f-stop range) is available. The camera is weather proof, costs less than US$500,and is small...might even fit in your pocket. You can check it out here: Hope you find your camera soon!

-- June Li (, January 24, 2000.

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