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Below is a copy of a letter I sent via email to Robert Gately, Chair of the ACC:


Dear Robert:

The lighting on the new fire station is awful and in violation of the SPCE lighting covenants. There are three unshielded wall packs above the doors on the side facing the Gonzales property and one on the side facing SPCE, blazing out over our end of the development. This is light pollution/trespass of the worst kind, and it is probably also in violation of the State lighting statute that became law last year.

These are, of course, outmoded and obsolete lighting systems, easily replaced by shielded units with no loss, and in fact a gain, in security value. I am asking that the ACC take the steps necessary to see that the existing fixtures are replaced with shielded units ASAP. In fact, a ride around SPCE at night will show that, in general, the enforcement of the lighting covenants has become somewhat lax; there are any number of bare bulb lighting fixtures in evidence, including two on the front of the house of a member of the ACC. This is a slippery slope that we should not go down.

Among the reasons to hold the line in this area is what we can expect in the new Paa-ko golf course development. There is already an unshielded wall pack blazing out from the metal building there, and we may anticipate much worse in the near future as a clubhouse and other structures are built. Should SPCE wish to object to obtrusive lighting associated with Paa-Ko's golf course, we will not have a leg to stand on if we are not enforcing the lighting covenants within our own community.


Byron Matthews 4 Luna Azul

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2000

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