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Hi all,

-- Shawn Hwang (, December 30, 1999



This questions have been repeated many times. In my experience, the best and easiest software to use is Nero 5.5.4.

In the wizard, choose Video CD, it will open up a segment of page on the screen (usually on the right side) as "Video 1". Drag the mpeg file from the "File Browser" and drop into the "Video 1". The Nero is a very intelligent software that can screen any non-compliant mpg. Once loaded, you can actually "play" it before burning. Once confirmed, click "File" and choose "Write CD". Once done, the VCD is ready to play.

If you have more than one mpg files, thhen do the same as above until the memory indicator below shows the limits. Once exceeded the limit, the software will prompt you the message.

Hope this help.

-- SY CHAI (, March 07, 2002.

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