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I was just wondering.. but in the last month i have seen 2 maybie 3 members of our guild at maximum ... Is anyone still playing?.. at last count we had at least 21 chrs ok.. some people have 2 chrs . but that still leaves more than 2 .. so unless everyone is hidden all the time .. or just dosent wanna talk to me.. i guess everyones just left... So.. my question is.. Is anyone out there??

-- Amon (, December 21, 1999


Hi Amon i am still here, we do not hiding but some of us buzzy with examen and making money and me training. i had fund a big house to sell on an island there are only one way to get there and it is throuth a gave in the lost land near papua. i had mark a rune there maybe that house is interesting for ram. to buy. well see you

-- tnn (, January 17, 2000.

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