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PLEASE HELP! I was never very good at packaing but loved to travel. Now I have started a new job which requires me to travel to different cities for stays of up to three months. My job requires me to wear hospital uniforms. So in addition to taking my work clothes I also want to pack leisure clothes as well. I really need help. How many uniforms do I pack for a three month trip? How about my weekend wear? Do I just pack jeans and sweatsuits? I would appreciate any suggestions. I also have a difficult time deciding about various toiletries and accessories that need to go with me as well. Any suggestions are very much appreciated. Sincerely,

-- Stephanie Patterson (, December 18, 1999


Stephanie, How many uniforms to you rotate when you are at home? (How long do you work before you can do laundry?--3, 4, 5, 7 days?--I'd think you'd need to take that many + 1 uniform. As for weekend wear, I'd pack a nice pair of pants, a more-casual pair (maybe jeans), a skirt, a blazer that goes w/ all of the 'bottoms' and a selection of tops, shoes, and accessories. Take your basic toiletries and remember you can always go buy something if you run out or forget. I'd also suggest taking along something (a robe, framed photo, small objet d'art, for examples) that will make your lodging feel more like home.

-- Pam (, March 21, 2000.

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