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I have a problem that the sizes of my customer's prints are not the same in the equipment as in the software. I am talking between a DCS5442 from Rastergraphics and PosterShop Pro Plus for Electrostatic. This problem shows up in two machines, not only in one. Also, i have tested two versions: 4.0 and 4.5. The same results. I have done several things in the Printer (like turn off paper tracking, recalibrate the cameras for registration, etc.) and got the same results: if i send a 3 mts job, got 2.80 mts printed, 6 mts job, got 5.75 mts printed ... 10 mts job, got 9.60 mts printed.

Alberto Levy. Support Manager Corporacion Vinitek Caracas, Venezuela

-- Alberto Levy (, December 16, 1999


Alberto, I also have 2 DCS5442 machines - One with Dye Sub Toners & one with Digital Toners. I am having the same problem on the Digital machine. Raster stated that this problem was due to PosterShop. However, when I process a file & send it to the Dye Sub Printer the width & height are correct. If I simply switch SCSI cables (I DO NOT REPROCESS THE FILE) and send the file to the digital machine, the same file prints with the length 1/4" short on a 4' print. We have also swapped hard drives between the 2 DCS5442 machines and the problem still exists in the Digital Machine leading us to believe that it is a mechanical issue.


-- Shanyn Kramersmeier (, January 20, 2000.

It is a hardware problem. We had the same problem in our DCS5442 and it was the length encoder on the printer that caused it. It gave the wrong length measurement. We replaced it and the problem vanished into thin air. But it was damn expensive. So contact your RG technician as soon as possible.

Kind Regards, Gestur, Iceland

-- GesturJon Gestsson (, February 07, 2000.

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