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The reason I haven't made a move in 3 weeks is quite simple. No need. Up until this week my QB's of Kitna and Marino, I was happy with. (note "was") My RB's are Taylor, Edwards, Linton, Dunn and Wheatley. Again, until last week when Thomas returned I wanted all of them, now if necassary Linton is droppable. My WR's are Westbrook, Martin, and Moulds. My others are Jett (servicable backup) Dyson and Edwards, both of whom are possible keepers. I have a TE, a K and 2 solid D's. I have 18 slots and don't need to make a move every week. Have I given this league as much attention as $50.00 warrants? That is a debatable question for which I might be guilty of, but in no way have I thrown in the towel or stopped being a part of this league and you know it G. The same can not be said for over 50% of the rest of the people in the league. That my friend is my complaint. By the way there is a seperate message for you in your yahoo email G. And in case I haven't wrote it or mentioned it, I do believe G has done another solid job of commissioning this year, despite the leagues other problems, G is not one of them.

-- Anonymous, December 15, 1999

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