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Nigel - thanks for the 'phone call. Look forward to receiving copies of the new album. Checked out the web site. Excellent. Hope the forum develops into a meeting ground for all us NMJ fans.

By the way, I like the idea of a "Best of" album. I'll give it some thoughts and come up with a list.

Can you fit 50 tracks onto a CD ?

-- Paul Woodhead (paulw@simpop.com), December 14, 1999


Hi Paul,no you cannot get 50 tracks onto a CD.Max time is about 74 mins.I do like this idea of a compilation but as I have said before this must be in a queue as right now we spent almost half a year finishing the new album 'Behind The Stone' and there is another totally different music album nearly ready based on the tunes from the recent BBC2 programme .We also plan to re-release 'Ship To Shore' but have to go through the archive of deteriorating tape and this will take a lot of time in the spring looking for some other tracks to add to the album which were recorded around the same time as Ship.Thanks for the comments.Nigel M.J.

-- nigel mazlyn jones (iol@cerbernet.co.uk), December 15, 1999.

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