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Marc hit it right on the head! 25% of the league quit after 4 weeks. That was bullshit! The Kris/Chris team only got about a 25% response rate on trades that we proposed. That was bullshit! My YAHOO online team (my second year), has been a blast again! (Cost, Zero Dollars!) We spent money to have a real league with interested parties. We didn't get it. I think another 25% of the league felt the same way, and turned away their interests around week 7 or 8. The Chris/Kris team decided to let its roster fly for the rest of the season. (Damn good roster, by the way, just didn't perform like they should have.) It took us too long to get that roster though, because of the shitty response time (if at all) from people that trades were proposed to. If the season was a 24 week season, our team would probably catch up and kick ass. (But it's not a 24 week season) Anyways, I will be inviting the few "gamers" (the 25% still into this season) from this league, to join my online league next year. The people who have participated this year, are appreciated. Good luck with the rest of the season. Make it known, that just because we don't turn in our lineup, doesn't mean we are not into it. (We just like the lineup as it is. Until next time,

Kris Vega

-- Anonymous, December 14, 1999

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