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We had some computer troubles with 5 & 6 on Tuesday, but they were not too tough to fix; one required turning the machine off and restarting. One of these days either they will get things fixed with Windows and networking, or the world will repent and return to Macs.

A bigger problem, of course, is that changes in what is on the net mean that much of Lesson 7 has to be rewritten. For maps the AltaVista search no longer brings up mapquest; however, if you go to Yahoo, the key word "maps" takes you to a mapping program that is in fact Mapquest under the Yahoo name. The Microsoft senior site no longer has the "portraits" feature, so I ignored it. Fortunately, it is not too hard to substitute other material. I also handed out a list of sites of potential interest; I intend to do a more thorough job next time.


-- Anonymous, December 08, 1999

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