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Dear Nigel/IOL, I'm delighted to hear about the release of your new album - can't wait to hear it. My copies of the original vinyl releases of your first few albums have - alas - all vanished into the murky depths of the past.More recently, so has the record player I used to play them on. So I eagerly await the release of the back catalogue on CD. Your recent newsletter mentioned that 'Ship to Shore' is on its way - are you planning to similarly release 'Sentinel' & 'Breaking Cover' etc? Happy December, Cosmic Christmas, Cool Yule and Happy new year to y'all! Jim

-- Jim Green (, December 08, 1999


Hello,still have some vinyl left in small quantities of 'Sentinel' but no plans to re-release this one yet.We extracted 'Flying' from it for the 'Angels over Water'compilation CD in 97 and the master tapes, all three safety copies etc were in aterrible state courtesy of wonderful Ampex who neglected to know or tell anyone in the late seventies that their tape was going to suck up damp and come unglued. The answer is baking them and we have not the confidence to try that yet though Ampex will do it for us. 'Ship to Shore 'is re- mastered and only human time factors with the release of 'Stones' is holding it up.Maybe ready May 2000.Breaking Cover is the same story. Its in a queue too. Have a great beginning of the last year of the century ,which will last for a year by the way.Fun. Nigel

-- nigel mazlyn jones (, December 13, 1999.

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