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(FAIR USE) It's a shame that more communities wouldn't prepare like this college has!

"Technical college puts together Y2K disaster shelter" Statewire

"MILWAUKEE (AP) -- A technical college has prepared for the worst the new millennium has to offer by putting together a Y2K disaster shelter."

"Lakeshore Technical College' s Cleveland campus is ready to provide 500 people with food, water and shelter for up to two weeks."

"It's thinking ahead and looking down the line. If something happens, we don' t want to be hit, " college spokeswoman Tammie Stahl said."

"If there is a Y2K cataclysm, the shelter would be open to the first 500 residents of Sheboygan and Manitowoc counties to arrive."

"The college bought 2, 400 gallons of bottled water and 9 tons of food for its Y2K disaster shelter. Twenty-four portable toilets will be delivered late this month and placed strategically around the campus."

"Lanterns and extra batteries have been procured in case the lights go out. The college also bought an emergency diesel engine and rented an extra fuel tank."

"The tax-supported college spent $1, 500 for bottled water and $15, 000 for food, said Dennis Thiel, physical plant director at the college."

"If you' re going to do it, you' ve got to see it through to the end, " Thiel said."

"If the shelter is not needed or if food is left over, the surplus will be donated to local food pantries."

"State Sen. Bob Jauch, D-Poplar, describes the college's actions as "nutty behavior that isn' t fitting of a public institution."

"This is a strange overreaction that just heightens the existing hyperactivity over this issue, " said Jauch, the co-chairman of a legislative committee reviewing year 2000 preparedness. " I frankly think we have to question the quality of their instruction, if this is the depth of their thinking."

"State director of emergency management Ed Gleason said even if something does go wrong, people would be unlikely to head to the college."

"Typically, I think if something were to happen on New Year' s Eve, they probably wouldn' t run to a shelter, " Gleason said. " They would probably wait to see if the lights go back on."

-- Deb M. (, December 05, 1999


Heeheeheeheeheheheheh, and what are State Sen. Bob Jauch, D-Poplar's chances of getting re-elected?

More likely his head will be paraded around on a pole ;^)

25 more days!

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, December 05, 1999.

State Senator Bob Januch seems like a bureaucratic joke. He should be glad that I don't live in Wisconsin because his arrogance would never get my vote. I applaud the preparation of this school.

I know I read that even Kostenen had concerns that many colleges and universities were far behind in their remediation.

-- Ruth Edwards (, December 05, 1999.

What a jerk that state senator is.

-- Dian (, December 05, 1999.

Sad to say Jauch (pronounced JOWK) is quite a populist and will probably be reelected. He just helped engineer a major tax refund for every state resident to the tune of a check for $240+ dollars.

I'm sorry the Tech college is getting ripped, though. They are just trying to be ready in case somebody bad happens. And shame on Ed Gleason. If something goes wrong, Ed, where should people go then, YOUR HOUSE?

I'm praying other officials in Wisconsin won't discourage proper preparation. If not, I vow, as a resident of Wisconsin to remember names like:

Bob Jauch Scott McCallum (Lt. Gov. in charge of Y2K preparedness)

and I will vote their a**es out of office.

I hope Ed Gleason realizes he's being set up as the fall guy. Run, Ed, Run.

-- I M A (, December 05, 1999.

Slightly off topic comment on the post, but something worth indicating in any event. Posting an entire article will rarely, if ever, constitute "fair use." This is true even though you are not being paid or otherwise being compensated for your post, and even though you claimed "fair use" on the front of the post.

Given the pretty severe criminal penalties created by the No Electonic Theft Act for copyright infringement, I'd recommend that posters not do that.

-- Jeff Donohue (, December 05, 1999.


Hello and thank you for pointing out that info. I wasn't aware that I had been infringing - I'll be certain to be more careful in the future. I sure don't want to infringe on a copywrite...

-- Deb M. (, December 05, 1999.

Let's see: 2,400 gals. H2O/500 persons= 4.8 gals./person. Don't think they'll make it for two weeks, let alone 2 days. Good Luck.

-- (, December 05, 1999.

Full marks to the college for doing their bit. Regading cavescouts's point: if it comes to that, isn't it more likely to be split between 1000 people? 2000? 5000+? How on earth do they propose to limit the numbers to 500? How would you enforce it, and - worse - how would you choose? Ooh, I know.

"Here is the complete list of those we have decided to refuse admission to. (pause) Senator Bob Jaunch. (pause). That conludes the list. Thank you for your attention."

Sigh. Not that it'll come to that. He'll have plenty of his own. :(

-- Colin MacDonald (, December 06, 1999.

Senator Smalbrain will eat his words long before Valentine's Day.

-- MinnesotaSmith (, December 07, 1999.

Senator Smallbrain will eat his words long before Valentine's Day.

-- MinnesotaSmith (, December 07, 1999.

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