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Greetings!! As you can see, the LUSENET BBOARD has been re-activated on the all-new, state-of-the-art TROPIC STUDIOS site at FREESERVERS.COM. Since TRAILERPARK.COM has bitten the dust, we decided to re-locate to FREESERVERS.COM. It has been working out pretty well. We have more space, and no problems editing the site. If you need space for your site, we recommend FREESERVERS. Feel free to use this LUSENET BBOARD for not only questions, but any comments that you have on TROPIC STUDIOS, the website or anything that's on your mind. Thanks to Phil at LUSENET for providing this forum! ALL THE BEST! -John Davis, Maximum Leader, Tropic Studios International.

Our new site is located here:

-- John Davis (, December 05, 1999

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