Wall Street Transcript Publishes Y2K Report

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The Wall Street Transcript Publishes Y2K Report

Sorry if this is a "repost", but it looks VERY informative. Oddly, some of the article's embedded links seem to be unresolved.

Plain text version:

The Wall Street Transcript Publishes Y2K Report

09:16 a.m. Dec 03, 1999 Eastern NEW YORK, Dec. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- D. Paul Cohen, President of Dirty Dozen Research: No Agenda examines the outlook for Y2K in this timely and deeply informative 2,700-word interview from The Wall Street Transcript (212-952-7433) or

1) In a vital review of this topic for investors and industry professionals, this Y2K Report features an in-depth analysis of The Y2K Situation by leading expert D. Paul Cohen, President of Dirty Dozen Research: No Agenda. Cohen states, "Dirty Dozen Research: No Agenda is a registered investment advisor. Its purpose is to analyze, write, and distribute a thoroughly researched product that is absent of any bias or any agenda.

Our research seeks to find truth and tell the truth. I'm the analyst institutions hire when they don't want a song and dance from traditional Wall Street research sources." He asserts, "We evaluate and analyze about 3,500 U.S. public companies. We make our analyses available to financial institutions, corporations and individual investors. We are able to compare one company against another company within a given industry group, using 20 essential variables. We are the only people in the world who have the exclusive agreement to use the IT (Information Technology) values for Y2K comparison. No one else in the world has this data." On corporate SEC Y2K disclosures, Cohen declares, "Most of the disclosures are woefully lacking, purposely so in my judgment. You only need to read the disclosures to understand the quality of this communication."

To read a free interview excerpt in which Cohen calls U.S. corporate Y2K compliance progress 'one of the biggest deceptions in 30 years' see To obtain a copy of this insightful 2,700 word report call 212-952-7433 or see This report is included in the INVESTING STRATEGIES Sector of TWST Online at

For a list of documents mentioning Y2K on TWST.com see The Wall Street Transcript is a premier weekly investment publication interviewing market professionals for serious investors for over 35 years. At TWST Online provides hundreds of free Interview excerpts.

For recent recommendations by analysts and money managers visit Do a free search of the TWST Archives at

The Wall Street Transcript does not endorse the views of any interviewee nor does it make stock recommendations.

SOURCE Wall Street Transcript Copyright 1999, PR Newswire

-- TA (
sea_spur@yahoo.com), December 04, 1999


Just found the same post from yesterday -- with lot's of feedback


-- TA (
sea_spur@yahoo.com), December 04, 1999.


Besides your little mishap with HTML, there is a period at the end of the URLs that must be removed. Then they work fine:

-- TruthSeeker (truthseeker@ seektruth.always), December 04, 1999.

Oops -- thanks TF. Didn't see the dots :)

-- TA (sea_spur@yahoo.com), December 04, 1999.

Damn -- doing too many things at once here, TruthSeeker. Sorry about that ("TF")

-- TA (sea_spur@yahoo.com), December 04, 1999.

Does this have any serious import? Y2K is considered *fixed* by many Wall Street investors. They are consumed with greed and are all too happy to hear the wishful reports from *compliant* corporations.

What do YOU believe regarding this propaganda?

-- dinosaur (dinosaur@williams-net.com), December 04, 1999.

Dinosaur, I believe exactly that: it is propaganda. Corporation executives have everything to gain, short term, by perpetuating the myth that all is well -- and they have nothing to loose short term. We must also keep in mind that there have been many, many resignations in corporate America and the financial world this year. Why resign when times are (supposedly) so good? I believe because they're taking the money (options etc) and running like hell!

As for government agency "leaders", they can't possibly say to the masses now, "Oops - we have a bigger problem than we've told you". They have had to focus on contingency plans (so they may have a chance to look like heros in the aftermath) and scripts to use in the aftermath in order to establish blame.

Lying in general breeds more lies. Pretty soon the pile of lies is so thick, the culprits have left themselves no way out. Meanwhile, the Street doesn't pay any attention other than what main stream media publishes.

We are iving in a grand illusion. The bubble is not indestructibe, and the fatter it gets, the thinner the skin. When it pops, a lot of people are going to get very wet, and cold.

-- TA (sea_spur@yahoo.com), December 05, 1999.

Anyone can validate for themselves the sort of work Cohen has done... just spend some time in EDGAR reading the 10-Q/Ks on some companies you know.

As in all things Y2K, the results are all over the place.

Some companies are clearly open, honest & have been working hard for a long time. Others are clearly stonewalling things... example being a $15b financial services company; 40,000 employees; 50% non-US revenues; June 1998 (total) Y2K spending of $60m; June 1999 (total) Y2K spending of $129m of an expected $175m... and their website has their general counsel STATING emphatically that they're Y2Kok.

- David

-- David Eddy (deddy@davideddy.com), December 05, 1999.

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