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Hello amigos.

I need to create a Slide Show using VideoCD. I want to to use high resolution Stills ( 720x480 ) for the project.

Do you know of a free or shareware program which could convert the stills ( bmp,jpeg,tiff,whatever) to the correct MPEG High Res format for VideoCD ?

I will be using Adaptec Easy CD Creator Deluxe 3.5c.

The only program I know that can do this is the Xing MPEG Encoder, but at this time is out of my budget.

Thank very much in advance. Roberto Gomez Mexico City, Mexico.

-- Roberto Gomez Torres (, December 02, 1999


Try to find Winon CD 3.6 with Video Pack 4.0. You can do all you want very easy.

Just prepare all your images for the slide show (720x480 for NTSC) in JPEG, BMP or other popular formats, drag and drop, insert a music background (if you want), and burn it !

I have already tried. It work !!!! but....... not work in VCD version 3.0 player.

- A A Arman, Indonesia -

-- Arry A Arman (, December 02, 1999.

Roberto hi

You will produce a far better more professional slide show if you use NLE editing programs such as Adobe Premiere 5.1c as the basis. With that and other NLE based programs you can, for example, fade between slides and/or use any other professional transition including the straight cut and you will find adding music etc etc is far far easier.

In NTSC you will need to work from a 640 x 480 original which you stretch to 720 wide before using it in the slide show. The DVD player will compress it back to 640 for a normal 4:3 NTSC TV. Your cirles will not be circles otherwise. In PAL I start with an image 768 wide and compress it to 720 wide before using it on the vcd so then the dvd player expands it to the correct 4:3 shape on the TV. I use Photoshop 5.5 for making jpegs for either system (Premier 5.1 or Video Pack 4 based summaries).

I currently use a combination of slides and movies quite often, the slides are always of better quality than the motion even when based on DV. For example my record of my recent Hawaiian adventure contains 125 digital still camera slides and scanned photographs (about 10 minutes) and about 40 minutes of video edited in Video Studio 3 DV and some analogue originals in Premiere 5.1.

This process is another option you may not have realised.

-- Ross McL (, December 20, 1999.

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