Water Concerns!!!

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A resident in the process of building a home in Phase III has had their well go dry before even moving in! This is very concerning especially with the prospect of the developer drilling more wells in Phase III to support future developments. Has anyone else in San Pedro Creek ever had this happen? One of the draws to our subdivision is the nearly concrete "guarantee" that water will not be a problem here...wells going dry even before residents have a chance to move in makes this guarantee no better than the ink used to sign the purchase agreement on the land...I would like to see the issue of additional wells being drilled for purposes other than our subdivision to be put on the agenda for the next HOA meeting.

-- Anonymous, December 01, 1999


I doubt that any wells other than those of SPC homes are currently in use, though I could be wrong. Your story of a well going sry before use makes me think that there is a fundamental problem in that particular well such as not being drilled properly etc.

Ther is a concern in my mind , though , about two things: Campbell Farmings request to pump immense amounts of water out of adjacent lands would lower our water table, perhaps dramatically, and the possibility that PAAKO could someday tap our water.

-- Anonymous, December 07, 1999

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