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I'd like to know if anyone has any experience installing DCC in the MDC old time series of locomotives. Suggested manufacturer and installation tips would be appreciated. Thank you.

-- John B. Posch (, November 27, 1999



Systems are different than decoders. Systems are based on features and user interfaces that provide the control to the rails for the decoders in the locomotive to respond. Slecting a system is based inpart on funds available, features, power and to a large degree the kind of andheld cab (throttle) youare comfortable with. If you plan on having sound in the future or will want to have multi-headed trains, then the mid range and larger systems will be worth looking into. All the systems will control the minimum level of operation and decoders are available to handle almost any engine available.

Your real question is the decoders for the specific engines. I have afew MDC engines - mostly shays and a 2-8-0. The engines I have all have been retrofited with can motors (soem now come that way). I choose to wire in my decoders directly. You only need to choose the space for the location (usually in the tender) and make certain you get enough power to handle the motor "stall" current. I've used LENZ Le 130, and ZIMO 61/N decoders with Back-EMF, and feel certain the new DIGITRAX DZ121 or the newer DH140U would fit and power fine. The actual install can be a bit tricky for some engines. With the ANY ENGINE you have to issolate the motors from the frame. See Don Crano's nicely done Decoder Installation Primer - following links from his pages at:

-- Ed McCamey (, November 29, 1999.

Hi John. Have a look at the following website. You might find some answers there.


-- Art Luescher (, February 28, 2001.

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