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I am interested in setting up a remote sytem to operate the shutter release for my A1 or AE1. I am interested in operating the camera from a distance, and also in using an infrared or lazer detecter to operate the cameras. Has anybody got any ideas? Is, for instance, it possible to get one of the camera bodies modified such that they can be tripped electrically? Thanks in advance for your suggestions

-- David Bertioli (, November 25, 1999


For the A-1 at least, there is the LC-1 remote release setup. It is a n IR setup that has a receiver that sits in the hot shoe and attaches to the camera with a cord, and the transmitter that you aim at it to trip the shutter. I am not sure whether you HAVE to have the motor drive or power winder, but I think you do.

I am not sure whether the LC-1 does the trip when breaking the beam type of setup. I know the LC-2 for the T90 and the LC3 for the EOS do support this.

As to modifying, I do not know how they trip, but the motor drive and A2 power winder have a jack of them for the remote trigger.

-- Terry Carraway (, November 26, 1999.

Thanks for that information Terry. I wonder, do you know where I would find out fuller specs for the LC-1 2 and 3? You say that the LC-1 sits on the hot shoe. I presume that this is just convenient and not necessary (providing that the cord was connected), as I would like to do this remote control using a flash on the camera! I'm afraid that I didn't understand your last sentence "As to modifying, I do not know how they trip, but the motor drive and A2 power winder have a jack of them for the remote trigger" could you clarify. Thanks once again,

-- David Bertioli (, November 26, 1999.

David, The LC-1 does not need to sit on the hot shoe. It does, however, need a MA motor drive or Winder A2 to work. Because it uses the electrical shutter release, it won't work with an AE-1. The receiver plugs into the socket on the winder. It will release the shutter for single shots or contunuous exposures, and can be used to fire the shutter in the bulb position. The transmitter and receiver work on line of sight, to a distance of about 200 feed under good conditions. If I can be of any more help, please contact me.

-- Kirby Chilton (, December 04, 1999.

Thanks for that information, Kirby, I understand now. The A-1 has four electrical contacts on the bottom, and the motor drive must communicate with the camera through them, to activate the motor drive when appropriate, and to make available the electronic shutter release. My power winder A (which does not make available an elctronic shutter) uses only two of these contacts, the central ones, and so the eletronic shutter release must be controlled by the outer two. I suppose that you don't know how these contacts work, so that if I cant find the motor drive I could use these contacts directly, to control the shutter(but perhaps this would blow up the camera!). Thanks again

-- David Bertioli (, December 06, 1999.


It sounds like (but no guarantee) that shorting the two outer contacts may trip the shutter on the A-1. Test at your own risk.

What I was talking about modifying, is any setup nor fully supported by the system. I was not sure about the Winder A and AE-1. I KNOW that the MA Motor Drive and Winder A2 and A-1 work with the unit, as I have or have had all these pieces. I would assume that an AE-1P would also work, since it supports the A2 Winder.

-- Terry Carraway (, December 06, 1999.


I agree with Terry about shorting the pins, but you could check with a repair shop to find out for sure. It seems that the safest thing to do would be to sell your A winder and get an A2 (or make a trade). The A2 does a couple of things the A won't, and solves the problem of connecting with the pins.

Any other questions, please ask. Kirby

-- Kirby Chilton (, December 07, 1999.

The long range user trigger method needs the LC-1 and the winder A2. Goods for nesting birds etc. But I think David wants a remote animal trap type set-up. I identified some thievin varmints with the A1, winder A2 and an IR security alarm from Radio Shack. All snugged up in plastic baggies it worked fine.

-- peter knowlden (, February 16, 2000.

Hi everybody, Yes I was interested in setting up a remote system to catch animals or insects, there are quite a few detectors sold by Radio Spares that look good. I have tried to short the outer two contacts of the four on the bottom plate of the camera, but no luck! The electronic shutter release was not tripped. Fortunately, the camera did not blow up either. I put in an order for an A2 or MA motor drive with Jessops in Britain, but they have not been able to find one yet. Thats as far as I've got for the moment!

-- David John Bertioli (, February 17, 2000.

David, Log onto, or the classified ad section of this page. I have also had good luck with KEH cameras at Kirby

-- Kirby Chilton (, February 20, 2000.

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