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Is there any other men who have similar stories

Recently my sister in law was evicted and asked myself and my wife could she and her children live with us until she was able to find another place, she said that it would only take her about a month to do so. So we agreed she told us that she would pay us a total of $300.00 for the entire time that she was there ( she has a job and collects child support) well after 49 days of her partying and not paying the $300.00 that she promised (also she did not pay for any food, long distance phone calls, or utilities) I told my wife that she has to go, now keep in mind that she would get paid every week. Well when I told my wife that she has to go my wife didn't agree and sided with her sister, so I told all of them to leave my home, well they left for a while and came back with the police, and I was arrested for spousal abuse, and even though my wife recanted the story that I hit her all charges were picked up by the state. Ultimately I pleaded guilty of a lesser charge of battery, and received 5 years probation, 52 weeks of anger management and $300.00 restitution. Upon being released from jail I was told by the judge not to harrass anyone who resides within the premises of my home or I would be arrested again, so even though my name was on the lease agreement (only my name) I had no rights as to who can live with me. After my release my sister in law still would not leave and I was forced to move, I voided my lease ($500.00 fee) and moved to another apartment, now I understand why this country has become what it has become, a man living in his own home has no rights, as to who can live with you, what your children do or anything

-- Anonymous, November 22, 1999


Response to Posted for someone

Throughout history women have never been encouraged to be anything but a wife and mother (the most important job in the world) because of this they have never developed an intellect beyond that. Nor do they encourage their sisters and daughters to think beyond a man taking care of them. Women need to learn from men and start encouraging the virtues that oppose the 7 deadly sins. We all need to do this for each other.

-- Anonymous, November 25, 1999

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