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Is it possible to remove sub-titles from a VCD?

-- J. Keating (, November 21, 1999


Okay now let's get back to the thing: no, it's not possible, in most conventional manners, to remove subtitles from a VCD. The VCD White Book spec provides for only one video stream and one audio stream, and not much else. The subtitles you see are already part of the video stream itself, unlike that for an MPEG-2 system stream for DVD authoring, where subtitles will be separate sub-streams that can be chosen and decoded and superimposed on the existing decoded video. To remove the subtitles you can probably go roundabout by capturing the .dat files using VirtualDub which will re-convert it into .avi with the codec of your choice. This will balloon the smallish .mpg files into really big filesize .AVIs of course. But the main thing here now is that you can edit the avi file with a view to "letterboxing" the picture such that the subtitles get obscured.

-- EMartinez (, November 24, 1999.

American in Bangkok.The HOllywood movies here have THai subtitles. I want to remove them.I will try that VIRTUAL DUB.I could make serious cash with this!!!I havent found any programs for VCD but 1,000's for DVD.

-- Dave (, May 17, 2003.

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