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The American Medical Association just released a study confirming our worse fears. FAT is a national epidemic; obesity kills more people than smoking in America and it is getting worse. The study didn't mention how depressing it can be to lose control of your weight. Fortunately, it is possible to have the body of your dreams.

This forum is set up by a professional trainer working with a former F A T boy to help you transform your body and renew your life.

The hosts are:

Iron Girl - a fitness trainer at a major health club in the Austin Texas area. She can answer questions about your diet, exercise habits and help you get the most from your exercise program.

F A T Boy - A 35 year old web designer who grew up extremely overweight, graduating High School with over 100 pounds of excess fat. He transformed his body and now adheres to a fit and healthy lifestyle. He can help you with motivation and inspiration.

Please feel free to ask us anything!

-- Tomas (tomdickorharry@earthlink.net), November 20, 1999

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