Week 10 lineups (including one from John)

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Kevin: Manning, James, Levens, Johnson, Freeman, Morton, Dilger, Stover, Jaguars

John: McNabb, Rhett, Smith, Crowell, Conell, Jeffers, Jacke, Buccs, Drayton

Jay: Bledsoe, Gary, Allen, Robinson, Wilkins, Ty.Brown, Remersma, Longwell, Pats

Clayton: Gannon, Alstott, Pittman, T.Brown, Muhammad, Mayes, Anderson, Sloan, Colts

G: Warner, Taylor, Warren, Bruce, Smith, Moulds, T.Davis, Mare, Boys

Matt: George, Williams, Staley, Chrebet, Poole, Toomer, Coates, Conway, Bears

Chris/Kris: Favre, Dillon, Johnson, Glenn, Owens, McCardell, Walls, Elam, Raiders

Adam: Johnson, Hoard, Watters, Pickens, Mathis, Moore, Glover, Hollis, Steelers

Corrie: Flutie, Smith, George, Smith, Moss, Harrison, Dudley, DelGreco, Seahawks.

Everyone else: The same

-- Anonymous, November 14, 1999

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