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Hi i've been trying to make a vcd using adaptech easy cd creator and ati vcr but i've been having problems. I know that easy cd creator only accepts whitebook standard mpegs but i just can't get one. I'm trying to put a movie on vcd and if i use the ati vcr 2 to capture it in .avi format first, i don't have enough hard drive space. Also what can i use to convert the .avi file to mpeg after (if i ever get that far, the disk space problem)? Is there a way to set ati vcr to real time capture white book standard mpegs? Someone plzzzzzzzz help me. I've been trying for a very long time.


-- Joannes Chan (, November 14, 1999


Hey there. If you're gonna capture to avi, use the MPEG-4 codec. That should take care of your hard drive problem. To convert that avi into mpeg-1 for vcd, use Panasonic. I get the best results from that over LSX and Xing. As for burning, forget about Adaptec, use Nero, WinONCD, or VideoPack 4. These are a lot more stable and more forgiving with mpeg files. I don't have any experience with ati-vcr or its capability of real time mpeg-1 encoding, so I can't tell you anything about that. If you need to know where to get some of the software that I've listed, drop me an e-mail.


-- HazyMind (, November 14, 1999.

Let's see: you have ATI VidCap and Easy CD. The only other thing you need is s/w avi-to-mpeg encoder, like Panasonic 2.21, or Xing. And yes, you have to get at least a 10Gb HDD for capture. Needless to say you have to have a stable system, at least 350PII with 64Mb. You capture at SIF-res (352x240 if NTSC) on VCR 2 mode. You then encode with Panasonic using VCD template. The resulting .mpg files are now what Easy CD will accept. You read ALL of the entries on this forum and you will get a better idea. By the way, no, you can't get that ATI to capture straight to MPEG. It captures to its own proprietary VCR1/2 .avi format, which is what you later convert to .mpg. If you want to capture to .mpg straight, you can get Dazzle, which will give you horrid-looking .mpg files with audio and video starting to get out of sync 20 minutes into capture. Or spend at least $1400 to Darimvision's MPEGator PCI, or $600 for USB version, for any level of quality. Happy Capturing!

-- EMartinez (, November 14, 1999.

To Emartinez, is there no way to tell Ati-vcr to use a different avi codec? I capture whole movies using the avi mpeg-4 codec and I only have a 4gig drive to play with. It really is something to look into. The quality is absolutely great to convert to mpeg. That's how I capture all my video.


-- HazyMind (, November 14, 1999.

Hello, ATI users

There is a fix to the Multimedia Center program that comes with ATI All in Wonder 128, and the new version (6.2) is able to encode to VCD compliant MPEG1 files.

Visit the following site for more information, and maybe, if we all request ATI's technical support for a solution, they will post the new version on their site.

Cheers, Guy.

-- Guy (, November 15, 1999.

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