Why do I feel the need to prepare?

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I have often wondered why it took me exactly one minute to GI after hearing about y2k computer problems for the first time. I can remember when fall-out literature was being circulated and the plans to built a fall out shelter was sitting on our kitchen table. Everyone was talking about building a bomb shelter. Most of the family laughed about it, some were serious. I was very young but old enough to know that if you had a bomb shelter you would live, if you didn't you would die. I laid awake at night and worried because my family would not consider building one. Low flying jets could be heard at night and the closer they came over my house the more it sounded just like a bomb falling getting louder and louder. I held my breath until the noise leveled off, glad it wasn't a bomb this time and wondering why my family did not want to build a bomb shelter to keep me safe. When I heard about y2k computer problems it was like the bomb worry all over again. This time I had the power to be sure I had a 'bomb shelter' so none of my children would have to lay awake at night imagining the bombs dropping and knowing they did not have a bomb shelter. Whatever the reason, I hope everyone here realizes that by preparing, you are showing your family that you love them and nothing will stop you from keeping them as safe as you can.

-- Carol (glear@usa.net), November 12, 1999



Your post is similar to experiences I have had. Getting the mattress ready to cover yourself with in case of bombs during the Cuba thingy. I know Iwas not the only one scared out of my mind at the time. When I Got It, and realized how much bigger this is, whew, took my breath away. It sure didn't take more than a few articles to convince me to look into it MUCH further.

As an adjunct to showing family and friends how much you care because of preparations, it can also be a cumulative love. What I mean by that is I have been patiently explaining Y2K to my Granddaughter and a friend at various times over the last year and guess what(?), today they both called me to say they are preparing NOW. Seems they have finally seen enough reports and failures, and of course the Prez speech not to worry, now they are really worried (hooray!!). I sent my granddaughter a dehydrator for her birthday (which isn't for another month, so you know, send it early and get some use out of it) and she says she has been running it non-stop with apples, onions etc. Her husband is in the military in CA and could be confined to base, leaving her (pregnant) and her 2 year old by themselves.

My friend had a major bank computer glitch last week, leaving them without their funds until the bank can remedy it, she says NOW she is really scared and is ready to listen. She has been buying extra food, so we talked water filters, water, heat etc.

I am so thankful to Prez and whatever other catalyst caused this, those I love and care about are finally on the move to self preparation!!!!

-- Sammie Davis (sammiex0@hotmail.com), November 12, 1999.

Last Christmas my husband and I decided to invite every one of my relatives (his all live nearby, mine are scattered across the country) to come here if they wanted a safe haven for y2k - we told them we'd provide land to park rv's or even space to build houses if they wanted to.

You could hear the derisive laughter (and the angry outbursts) from sea to shining sea, and almost none of them are talking to us unless they absolutely have to. Talk about DWGI! And their assessments of our motives were mostly along the "You just want to control our lives" lines. Only one of them recognized how much love went into that offer.

-- peg (peg@futureandahope.com), November 13, 1999.

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