I am still alive but my team is so dead.

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hello everyone,

Yes I am still alive but my team is so gone. Sorry for the lack of interests but I made some good trade offers to people for keepers for what I had left, which was not much and they just refused to trade. I mean come on Adam you have 4 legit keepers what you sitting on them for? Trade one. :-) Sorry just bitter.

Learned a few things. One, do not make fun of injuries or you will be cursed. Two, always prepare for the draft or you will get screwed. Three, don't let fan loyalties prevent you from making pickups.

Ok Gary's questions, they were pretty easy I think...

Steal of the draft is Stephan Davis. Bust of the draft is anyone on Green Bay, Randy Moss Randall Cunningham. If I had to pick I would have to say Cunningham who for the umpteen time has gone for way more than he is worth.

Injury I feel I am a bit biased here so I will not comment.

Worst trade has to go to Clayton, why? he is the one who is making the most trades and most likely he will make a bad.

Owner of the half year would go to no one. It has to be G. He lost his number one player for 6 weeks and still on top and now that Taylor is in top form, think he will pull away, unless warner realized he is playing for the Rams and starts behaving accordinly.

Best free agent pickup is Kurt Warner (John in an idiot)

predictions, I believe Warner is legit and that being said Gary's team is the team to beat. Second will go to Kevin and third will go to a very hard earned team owned by Marc. Why Marc, we will all realize at the end of this year having a team with 12 slots is not good. Adam will realize if you have something to trade you should trade it. And marc has realized that he does not have to trade every single week. That winning is better than getting that great trade. :-) congrats on your enlightenment Marc. The sure thing is that my team will come in last place. I will start turning in a team so I do not break James all time low single season record.

Finally some suggestions and my two cents as to why the league seems to be so dead.

1. having 12 players each with 18 man rosters leaves very little in the free market. After the first week when I was looking up people who did well almost all of them were on teams already, and they went for a buck or so. What this does is that if someone gets an injury early on and needs a fred taylor of 98 to recover most likely it is not gonna happen. I suggest that we limit the number of players in the league, not human players but slots I guess. so that if we get a 13 or 14 player next year we shorten the rosters to say 15 or 14. That way the free agent pool will still be rich and it will promote trading. As it is, we can ideally if we draft well, just sit on our teams. Think about, if everyone had a clayton team, trades would be rampant as well as free agent pickups. That is my two cents

I actually had another suggestion about keepers, but what I thought would happend did not happen so think keepers are fine.

Later all and good luck,


-- Anonymous, November 12, 1999

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