Who says there is no participation? (Trades and Freeagent moves week 9)

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First the trades

Clayton-Corrie Clayton got Muhammad and Gonzales. Corrie got Harrison and Chamberland

Clayton-Danny Clayton got J.Jett. Danny got Gonzales.

Clayton-Marc Clayton got J.Reed. Marc got J.Jett

Clayton-Jay Clayton got LaFleur. Jay got D.Scott

Clayton-Kevin Clayton got Staley and Falcons. Kevin got Levens and LaFleur.

Clayton-Matt Clatyon got Alstott, Tim Brown and T.Simmons. Matt got Staley

Free agent moves

Gary picked up C.Warren and D. Bennet. Dropped Pathon and Morris

Jay picked up Dwight. Dropped Zeier

Clayton picked up Sloan, T.Small, Pittman and Colts. Dropped Pederson, Falcons, Ravens, and Hill.

-- Anonymous, November 11, 1999

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